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On Physionline we provide telehealth (online physiotherapy consultations) for acute and chronic musculo-skeletal injuries. In here, you can get expert advice for guided solutions to your problems.

We help you with

Musculoskeletal injuries such as rehabilitation from muscle and ligament strains and tears, joint pain and dysfunction.
Spinal injuries from neck to back pain due to muscular, joint, disc and nerve injury and dysfunction, including sciatica and upper and lower limb referred pain; headaches and postural dysfunction.
Exercise prescription
Work-related injuries and Motor vehicle injuries.

Our rates

Standard initial consultation: $95 (30 to 40mins)
Standard follow up consultation: $90 (30 to 40 minutes)
Extended consultation initial: $120 (50 to 60 mins)
Extended follow-up consultation: $100 (40 to 50 mins)

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